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Variable Finance to Launch U.S. Private Credit Investments on Goldfinch Protocol

[Houston, December 1, 2023] – Found Onchain introduces Variable Finance, which will offer US private credit investments on-chain, built on the Goldfinch protocol. Variable is the first to bring opportunities in special situation investments in the US leveraged loan and high yield markets to decentralized finance (DeFi). Its first product is designed to offer APYs over 20% from on-chain creditor claims financing, an innovative financial product in high demand. This choice signifies Variable's commitment to positioning itself for exponential growth in the tokenized real-world asset (RWA) space by giving mainstream investors access to yields typically exclusive to traditional investment funds.

Variable Finance is strategically positioned to find and invest in private credit assets at scale using data-driven, AI-powered technology pioneered by its co-founders. It's led by the expertise of Nicholas Hall, with over $1 billion in career transactions, and Tesa Ho whose combined experience in corporate restructuring, distressed asset investing, and quantitative investment strategies makes them uniquely equipped to navigate and simplify the complex U.S. private credit market for the mainstream investor audience.

In a statement about the launch, Nicholas Hall emphasized, "Variable not only brings unmatched yields to DeFi but also opens the doors to new institutional-grade investments. We’re building on Goldfinch because it’s battle tested, having passed audits from leading firms and handled 9 figures of loans over 3 years with no security incidents. Their Blueprint initiative outlines a commitment to creating an ecosystem of interoperable loans on-chain, which is not only important to us but critical to scaling with the growing $1.5 trillion private credit market."

Variable is not just an alternative investment platform, it's a pioneering force in the DeFi space, offering a unique blend of high yields, expert leadership, and technological prowess. As the platform continues to onboard significant institutional funds and create new opportunities for mainstream investors, it solidifies its role as a key player in expanding and revolutionizing the tokenized RWA space.

About Variable Finance: Variable is an institutional-grade, blockchain-enabled private credit investments platform. Our mission is to provide high risk-adjusted yields, traditionally available only to select institutional clients or accredited investors, to a broader audience through financial technology.

Variable Finance

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