Leveraging Your FTX Bankruptcy Claim: A Financially Savvy Approach

Leveraging Your FTX Bankruptcy Claim: A Financially Savvy Approach


The FTX bankruptcy saga poses a challenging decision for customer claim holders: to sell now at a significant loss or explore other financial avenues. One such avenue is borrowing against your bankruptcy claim. Let's consider a scenario where you have a $100,000 claim trading at 50 cents on the dollar and the opportunity to borrow against it at a 25% APR.

Understanding the Financial Implications

In our scenario, your $100,000 claim is currently valued at $50,000 in the market. If you choose to borrow against it, you could secure a loan of $25,000 (50% of its market value). Over a year, at an APR of 25%, this translates to an interest of approximately $6,250, which is 6.25% of your original claim value. This is a critical figure as it represents the effective cost of your loan relative to the claim's par value.

Borrowing Versus Selling: A Comparative Analysis

Let's compare the financial outcomes of borrowing versus selling. If you borrow, the total amount you would owe after one year, including interest, would be about $31,250. Now, if the bankruptcy estate makes distributions at 88% of the original claim value, as assumed, you would receive $88,000. After repaying the loan, you'd be left with $81,750 and you would have gained the benefit of having $25,000 in liquidity to play the market or cover expenses.

In contrast, selling your claim immediately at 50 cents on the dollar would fetch you $50,000 outright. This comparison shows a clear financial advantage in borrowing against the claim: $81,750 (borrowing) versus $50,000 (selling).

Risks and Considerations

While the borrowing scenario seems favorable, it's not without risks. The future of FTX and the actual distribution percentage remain uncertain. The 88% recovery rate is an assumption and could vary. It's crucial to weigh these risks and stay informed about the ongoing situation.


This analysis illustrates that in specific scenarios, like the one described, borrowing against a bankruptcy claim could be more financially beneficial than selling at a loss. However, every situation is unique, and this should not be taken as a one-size-fits-all solution. Consulting with a financial advisor to understand the intricacies of your specific case is highly recommended.

If you're holding a bankruptcy claim from FTX, consider all your options carefully. Stay updated on the latest developments and seek professional financial advice to make the most informed decision for your financial future.

Disclosure: This article provides an overview of a specific financial scenario and should not be considered as direct financial advice. Financial decisions should always be made based on personal circumstances and professional guidance.